Posted by Lionesa EN on Nov 15, 2021 2:37:37 PM

Lionesa Business Hub, in Matosinhos celebrated Magusto with the community!
Throughout the day of November 11th, 2021, at Lionesa’s Business Hub central corridor it was possible to sense the aroma of roasted chestnuts available, free of charge, to all the community members to taste and celebrate this festive day.
This event, Magusto, also included a partnership with Veolia, in the celebration of its 30 years of existence in Portugal.
At the end of the day, the Magusto celebrations joined the usual fun of our famous after works “The Reunion”, which take place every Thursdays, at 05:30pm at Lionesa Business Hub.

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Lionesa Wave Riders

Posted by Lionesa EN on Nov 12, 2021 12:16:33 PM

“Lionesa Wave Riders” is one of the first activities available to our Lioneses every Saturday, by booking in advance, where they can enjoy free surfing lessons at Onda Pura Surf School, in Matosinhos.

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Lionesa Yoga Sessions

Posted by Lionesa EN on Nov 12, 2021 12:02:35 PM

Every Monday, at Lionesa Business Hub the community members can relax at Lionesa Yoga Sessions, that are yoga classes hosted by Niyama Yoga Studio.

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Beat Lunch

Posted by Lionesa EN on Nov 11, 2021 4:56:45 PM

The event “Beat Lunch” was the culmination of two events that took place at Lionesa Business Hub, in Matosinhos in the past months: Live Acts and World Sweet Treats.

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Posted by Lionesa EN on Nov 11, 2021 4:26:11 PM

Last October 25th, 2021 Lionesa Business Hub welcomed the participants of the event focused on inovation taking place in Porto, Bin@Porto, promoted by Business and Inovation Network.

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The Reunion

Posted by Lionesa EN on Nov 11, 2021 3:37:17 PM

Every Thursday, during the months of october and november, Lionesa’s Business Hub central corridor, in Matosinhos becomes a dance floor, for all the community to relax and chill out at the end of the day.

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World Sweet Treats

Posted by Lionesa EN on Nov 9, 2021 5:23:46 PM

Between September 20th and November 8th, Lionesa’s Business Hub central corridor, in Matosinhos, received flavours and aromas of sweets from around the world.

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Lionesa's website awarded with Stevie Bronze Award in IBA

Posted by Lionesa on Sep 3, 2021 1:16:53 PM

Lionesa saw the new website recognized at the 18th edition of the Annual International Business Awards, having received the Stevie Bronze Award. The project developed by the British creative agency Digital BIAS competed with more than 3700 proposals submitted by companies from 65 countries, and was subject to the appreciation of 260 executives from around the world who made up the jury that awarded the Stevie Awards, in what is now one of the most comprehensive international competitions in the business world.

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Live Acts @ Lionesa

Posted by Antonio Pedro Pinto on Sep 2, 2021 12:50:51 PM

Every Thursday, at lunchtime, in the months of July, September and October, the Lionesa Business Hub's central corridor, in Matosinhos, is the stage for live musical performances. The initiative aims to give visibility to young talents emerging in music, support them, and, at the same time, promote actions that contribute to the well-being of company employees, not only those in Lionesa, but others that are in the vicinity . The shows of variable duration are open to the general public and completely free of charge.

On the 15th, it's André Montenegro's turn, DJ Fi. With over 18 years of experience, he will present the public with a dynamic set and a playlist that integrates all styles of music.

On July 22nd, the guitar and voice of Bruna Costa will mark the lunch hour. At just 20 years old, Bruna Costa is a Street Artist who lives in Maia. She was a participant in The Voice Portugal and, to this date, occupies her space in Ribeira do Porto, where she makes known her talent and work, especially in covers, but also with some originals.

The month ends with Patrícia Pereira, on the 29th of July, to the sound of the concertina of this artist who has been on a very interesting journey since about 15 years ago when she dropped her degree to dedicate herself to her concertina. Patricia takes over: she was born to be an artist and to play in the street. Today she lives off her talent and her art.

Francisco Bereny, on classical guitar, opened in July and returns in September and October. He presented Lionesa with an impactful Live Act for the novelty of many. Francisco, a young musician, participated in several recitals in Portugal and Spain, highlighting his performance at the Musicatos Festival, at the 2021 Évora Música Contemporânea Festival and at the Novos Talentos Cycle, at Teatro Rivoli. He entered the Mozarteum University in Salzburg, where he specialized in Performance with Laura Young.

On July 8th, the stage was occupied by Bruno Santos, who returns in September. It's an opportunity to hear the award-winning saxophonist indoors and outdoors, a professor at the União de Bandas de Mira Arts Academy, Banda de Arouca Music School and Aveiro Music Conservatory, who throughout his career has worked with several renowned saxophonists.

He has just released his first album entitled “ROAD” having several national and absolute debuts, from national and international composers.

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Social Distance Should Not Be Emotional Distance

Posted by Lionesa on May 28, 2021 5:43:45 PM

Art and Culture is in our DNA and in Lionesa’s way of communication, the same way that Innovation and Happiness is for all of those who come to us.

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Posted by Lionesa on May 28, 2021 5:34:42 PM

It was on the 11th of November 2020 that, for another year, the Lionesa Business Hub carried out a new initiative that greatly excites the business community and its employees - the celebration of St. Martin's Day, or Magusto.

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Open Roads To Lionesa

Posted by Lionesa on May 28, 2021 5:31:05 PM

If the access by car to the Lionesa Business Hub was already diverse and also practical for those who visit us, it is even more now.

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Green Corridor of Leça

Posted by Lionesa on May 27, 2021 4:27:01 PM

Green Corridor of Leça… the one of a kind that welcomes us, that treats and connects us by the river flow.

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