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Forget the free snacks and ping-pong tables. We go further. Here, you’ll find a culture that actually values you. A borderless community that enhances your creativity. Because, above all, you must live your life to the fullest.

Forget the free snacks and ping-pong tables. We go further. Here, you’ll find a culture that actually values you. A borderless community that enhances your creativity. Because, above all, you must live your life to the fullest.

Let’s eat?

Restaurants, cafés, and eateries

You don’t have to leave Lionesa when you get hungry. Lionesa houses restaurants for each and everyone—vegans and vegetarians too.

Let’s lunch?


All about health: meet Berry. The restaurant serves seasonal dishes with the freshest ingredients. The delicious vegan and vegetarian meals are to die for. You can order juice, a smoothie, or organic coffee (or all of them). The grab and go lets you eat wherever you want.

Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm


If all you can think about is pizza, don’t think so hard. At Famiglia, you’ll find much more than that. Count on fresh pasta prepared with seasonal ingredients. Everything’s served in a family ambiance that brings Italy’s best to Lionesa.

Tuesday to Saturday from 12pm to 3:30pm and from 7pm to 11:30pm
Sunday from 12pm to 4pm


Are you a meat lover? An all-you-can-eat fan? Then you really have to try Picanha. The restaurant serves various meats, as well as burgers and the famous francesinhas.

Monday to Saturday, from 11:30am to 10pm
Sunday from 11:30am to 3:30pm


t’s increasingly important to keep a healthy diet. That’s why Slash is here. A restaurant that serves complete balanced meals loaded with fresh vegetables. The ingredients are natural and prepared deliciously.

Monday to Friday, from 12pm to 7pm

Marmita Point

Don’t feel left out if you’re a lunchbox fan. We’re all in for diversity and comfort. That’s why we prepared a unique space where you can enjoy your meals. At Marmita Point, the environment’s relaxed—and there’s a gaming arcade close by.

Health & Wellbeing

Lionesa Nursing Room

As a result of our partnership with Espaço Saúde Lionesa, this room, located on the upper floor, has been meticulously designed to support all breastfeeding mothers. A private and comfortable environment for both nursing and expressing breast milk is at your disposal.

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Lionesa Parapharmacy

Don’t lose hope. If you don’t have any more medicine, our parapharmacy can help you. We have everything you need in one place.

Gym (soon)

Told ya: we (really) are your second home. Save time in commuting. Stop counting the hours—our gym’s at your disposal. Reshape your days and put your health first.

Hairstore Lionesa

If your hairdresser’s schedule is full (again), book ours. You’ll find the right professionals to take care of you. Choose the date, time and come meet us.

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Health & Wellbeing
Art at Lionesa

Mural da Lionesa

Our art is yours too. Lionesa privileges culture. It paints the city’s legacy on its walls to inspire you every day. After all, it’s in the art that dreams live on. And you, here, can dream with us. Our Mural is a stage for renowned artists, such as MrDheo, Chaos, Draw, Third e Mar.

Open Air Gallery

Yes, we have our own open-air art gallery. We bring outdoors what shouldn’t belong inside. We believe in shareable art and in the sense of community. We house temporary and permanent exhibitions. Examples of the latter are “Mural Rua da Lionesa” and “OPO Street’Art Evolution.” We know that here, too, you can feel inspired.

Lionesa Campus

Balio – The Garden

We’re all in for sustainability. We value nature and want it to be part of our Campus. This immense green space is lost around Lionesa. The garden brings together two important names in Portuguese architecture and landscaping: Siza Vieira and Sidónio Pardal. This is a space inspired by the strong connection that unites itself with Caminos de Santiago. Throughout the garden, you’ll find 14 compositions: artistic and landscape ones. The moment you can witness here uses stretch out and get lost among the sculptures and intervening stones. Here, you can give more time to time itself. Here, you can disconnect after a worse day. Reflect before an important decision. Whenever it is, “Balio - The Garden” is waiting for you.

Balio - The Monastery

We can only build the future with a deep knowledge of the past. Our heritage is the most important thing we have. Together with the architect Siza Vieira, we are rehabilitating this monastery (classified as a National Monument since 1910). A project will arise here, one that brings the past to the present—a connection that pays tribute to the pilgrims of Santiago de Compostela. It’s near this space that Siza will create an open sculpture, in white concrete, to
illuminate (even more) this place. Another piece, also by Siza, will be built between the first: “The Walker.” This introspection space promises discovery and reunion moments.

Green Corridor

This corridor will connect Lionesa to Leça da Palmeira, and you can cycle throughout it. There are parking docks planned along the route—so you can take a bike and cycle to Lionesa free of charge. And that’s all for a more flexible, environmentally-friendly routine. In other words, this means you’ll find everything within a bike ride distance—from restaurants to the Matosinhos beach.
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