18.02.2022 - 12:02PM

Yours, with love

The celebration of Valentine's Day was marked by the "Yours, with love" event that took place in the central corridor of the Lionesa Business Hub from February 5 to 14.

Between February 5 and 13, Lionesa’s community members were challenged to remember a childhood tradition and write a message to a colleague, friend, partner who also works in one of the 120 companies of Lionesa BH. A number of mailboxes, paper and envelopes customized for the purpose were available at the sideboard, accompanied by some of the most iconic love letters of all time and duos/groups of the public's most beloved seventh art friends to inspire the community in writing their message. 

On February 14, each message was delivered to its recipient's respective company, with a little surprise to sweeten the day. In addition, during lunchtime, there were serenates by Tuna Académica da Universidade Lusíada do Porto and roses were distributed to all those present in our central corridor.

It was with love that Lionesa BH started its cultural agenda of events for 2022.