15.02.2023 - 11:46AM

Your Heart Matters Most!

Lionesa Business Hub celebrated the most romantic day of the year with a twist: we celebrated self-love and caring for the heart that matters most, ours!

"Your Heart Matters Most!" was a cardiovascular care awareness campaign to educate the Lionesa community on best practices to adopt a more heart-friendly way of life.

During lunch break, Lioneses had a heart check-up at Espaço Saúde Lionesa, measuring their heart rate to better adapt their behaviour to regularise it. In addition, they had the opportunity to enjoy a healthy snack, with heart-friendly ingredients, made by The Pastry Lab.

At the end of the day, physical exercise took over the dynamic of our central corridor. In partnership with Solinca, Lionesa BH provided two classes to promote cardiovascular training: BodyCombat and Zumba.

At all times during the day, flyers with suggestions of good practices for cardiovascular care, identified by the Cardiologist responsible for the Specialty at Atrys Clinic, were also provided to Lionesa community.

To care for others, we must take care of us and our hearts first!