9.11.2021 - 5:46PM

World Sweet Treats

Between September 20th and November 8th, Lionesa’s Business Hub central corridor, in Matosinhos, received flavours and aromas of sweets from around the world.

To liven up Mondays, Lionesa, in partnership with The Pastry Lab, offered a small sweet to the community members, originals from the gastronomy of different countries, with the purpose of promoting and including different cultures, as well as increasing the well-being of company employees. All sweets were made by The Pastry Lab and given to the community during lunch time.

This gastronomic journey took the community of Lionesa Business Hub to countries such as Greece, with the delicious Galaktoboureko; Turkey, where they tasted Baklova; Morocco, with the traditional Basbousa; Mexico, the famous Bolo di Tres Leches and, at last, they arrived at the last destination in Germany to taste Kirschtorte.

Mondays of flavor, travel and world destinations!


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