3.08.2022 - 3:58PM

Opinion - Work 4.0, coaching and mindfulness as an instrument for talent management




Author: Dr. Adriano Fidalgo


Although remote work has been practiced for some decades, it reached its peak with the beginning of the current COVID-19 pandemic, forcing millions of people to enter a work model never before practiced by them, revolutionising the functioning of companies as well as society.

The main objective, firstly, is to evaluate the effects of Work 4.0, as well as e-coaching and e-mentoring on organisations, employees and society. Furthermore, to highlight the results and good practices adopted by companies and to analyse them. A law firm was used in order to understand the implementation of Remote Working during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Secondary research and investigation was carried out using intelligent search engines, digital libraries and Boolean search methods so that the information was from a reliable and quality source, and also a semi-structured interview was conducted in order to draw conclusions about the implementation of Remote Working.

With this study it was possible to conclude that remote work is very beneficial for companies, offering greater quality of life and job satisfaction to employees, as well as greater productivity and cost reduction to organisations. As far as e-coaching and e-mentoring are concerned, it was noticeable that they can be practiced digitally, providing the same benefits and desired results to customers, but it should be noted that there is no proximity and physical relationship, which are fundamental factors in a relationship of this type. However, as will become apparent throughout the study, it was possible to understand that the reconciliation of face-to-face and virtual methods is more beneficial than the adoption of only one of these.


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