26.05.2023 - 11:56AM

Unstranslatable: A Memorable Afterwork Event at Lionesa Business Hub

On May 11th, Lionesa Business Hub hosted another incredible afterwork party: Unstranslatable! This informal networking event was made possible through a partnership with Super Bock and Licor Beirão, who generously provided two complimentary drinks to all members of the Lionesa community. The dance floor was buzzing with excitement as MC Mano and DJ Ricardo Reis took charge of the music, creating an unforgettable experience for all attendees.


A Fusion of Cultures

Unstranslatable revolved around the concept of translating. To embody this idea, personalized t-shirts featuring typical Portuguese phrases... in English were given to attendees incredibly designed by two artists of FBAU – Faculdade de Belas Artes do Porto.


An afterparty of Connections and Entertainment

The party provided an excellent opportunity for professionals from our multiple companies to connect and expand their networks.The event fostered a sense of community within Lionesa Business Hub, strengthening existing connections and sparking new collaborations.

The party came alive with the energetic performances of MC Mano and DJ Ricardo Reis, who skillfully curated an exciting playlist that catered to all musical tastes. The dance floor became a stage for uninhibited celebration, as attendees grooved to the beats and let loose, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and camaraderie.

The collaboration of SuperBock and Licor Beirão added an extra touch of enjoyment and created a sense of appreciation among the attendees. The high-quality beverages provided by these esteemed brands elevated the overall experience, ensuring that everyone had a memorable evening.


Unstranslatable proved to be an outstanding afterwork event, uniting professionals from different backgrounds under one roof. Through the fusion of cultures and the innovative translation concept, attendees were able to break language barriers and forge meaningful connections. Lionesa Business Hub continues to demonstrate its commitment to creating vibrant and engaging experiences for its community members. Stay tuned for more exciting events that will surely leave a lasting impact on the Lionesa business ecosystem.