14.05.2024 - 4:40PM

Untranslatable Spring Afterwork at Lionesa Business Hub

Spring has arrived at the Lionesa Business Hub and with it the best network opportunities: The after-works. 

On May 9th, on the Hub’s Central Corridor, a celebration of diversity and a sense of belonging unfolded as the second edition of the Untranslatable took place. This informal networking event proved to be an evening filled with entertainment and camaraderie. 

From 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm, guests were immersed in an atmosphere full of excitement and energy with the amazing performance of DJ Diogo Fonseca who pleased all audiences.  

One of the highlights of the after-works is the esteemed partners that make all this fun possible. In this edition, Super Bock Group, FoxTale, Amarguinha, and Cockburn's offered incredible tasting drinks providing chill moments to all the community. 

Revolving around the concept of "Untranslatable" - just like words that defy translation, each person adds something special to the environments they inhabit, which cannot be expressed in words. Participants embraced the challenge of taking on a new role, contributing to a better work environment, and finding their purpose in the workplace. By offering custom caps with original words representing individual freedom to be whoever they want to be in their office. These caps served as a symbol of empowerment, reminding everyone of their ability to shape their identity and the course of their lives.

The Untranslatable provided an excellent opportunity for professionals from multiple companies headquartered in Lionesa Business Hub to connect and expand their networks. The event fostered a sense of community within Lionesa BH, strengthening existing connections and sparking new collaborations. It was also a reminder that true magic happens when we embrace our unique selves.