16.11.2023 - 12:48PM

The Reunion: Igniting Friendships and Inter-Company Networks at LBH!

Speaking of socializing, dancing to the sound of good music, sipping refreshing drinks, and celebrating in a festive late afternoon - that's talking about The Reunion at Lionesa Business Hub!

For three consecutive Thursdays, between October 26th and November 9th, the Central Corridor of Lionesa BH once again transformed into the meeting point after the workday for another edition of The Reunion.

With its first edition in 2021 and the goal of bringing together and promoting interaction and friendship among businesses, The Reunion quickly became one of the most beloved events in the community, serving as a moment of relaxation, networking, and celebration.

And who led the party with the right tunes? DJ André Montenegro took the stage with beats ranging from the 80s to the present, from Latin music to electronic tunes.

And, as it couldn't be otherwise, we couldn't leave out the two usual drinks from our regular partner and neighbor, Super Bock. The registered community was entitled to two free drinks promoted by the brand, providing the perfect combination of relaxation and music, creating the ideal way to unwind, socialize, and toast at the end of the day, in community, in friendship.

The Reunion is primarily about uniting, bringing colleagues to dance, turning acquaintances into friends, and filling the atmosphere with the warmth of the community, our Lionesa community!