28.12.2023 - 12:00PM

Supporting GASPORTO and helping subnutricious children of Pfuka U Famba

Throughout 2023, Lionesa Business Hub has been recognized as the "Godparents of Porridge" by Gasporto, marking a year of significant impact on the Pfuka U Famba nutritional center in Macia, Mozambique.

Honored with this title, Lionesa Business Hub achieved remarkable feats by providing sufficient donations throughout the year to gather porridge for dozens of malnourished children at Pfuka U Famba.

Committed to improving the health and nutrition of children aged 0 to 13, Lionesa Business Hub actively participated in donation drives throughout 2022, resulting in meaningful collaborations that positively influenced the lives of these vulnerable children.

Watch the video showcasing the invaluable support from Lionesa Business Hub and its community, leading to the "Godparents of Porridge" nomination for 2023 at Pfuka U Famba.



This video is more than a visual narrative of Lionesa Business Hub's commitment; it's a celebration of tangible impact achieved through the generosity of the Lionesa community throughout 2022.

The collected donations not only facilitated the delivery of nourishment but also brought hope and opportunities to these children, contributing to a more promising future.

This charitable initiative underscores Lionesa Business Hub's commitment to social responsibility, demonstrating the positive impact a united community can achieve on a global scale.

We extend our gratitude to all participants for being part of this remarkable journey of solidarity, solidifying Lionesa Business Hub's vision as a positive agent of change in the world.

For more information and to help GASPORTO you can visit their website