28.05.2021 - 4:45PM

Social Distance Should Not Be Emotional Distance

Art and Culture is in our DNA and in Lionesa’s way of communication, the same way that Innovation and Happiness is for all of those who come to us.


With this motto given – Social distance should not be Emotional distance – in December Lionesa Business Hub created and developed an awareness campaign in favor of emotional closeness.


By the hand and voice of anonymous people, powered by Rui Reininho and Maria Cerqueira Gomes, inspiring videos were produced and broadcasted online in social networks, appealing to the population to share affection and words of tribute to others, at a time when « they took out from us the kiss and the hug, lunch or dinners with family and friends, but in the year that gave us the possibility to value all of it »


Because the image is Art and Culture; Because Art and Culture is also passion;


It could only be MRDHEO’s art and talent to bring this project to life, directly from Lionesa’s art central gallery to the mouths and people of Greater Porto.


We Are #Lionesa, the Innovation and Happiness Hub.