30.03.2023 - 2:43PM

Saving water with Atlantic Car Wash

On March 21st, Lionesa Business Hub partnered with Atlantic Car Wash to raise awareness about the importance of saving water. ACW has come to  Lionesa BH in August 2022 and is an innovative network of waterless car wash centers, present in Portugal since 2012.

The event featured waterless car washes in the central corridor, and four lucky winners from HelloApp were raffled off car washes. Additionally, ACW offered also a small pine tree to our community.

The event was a great success, providing a fun and educational day focused on sustainability. By promoting a waterless car washing service, the event highlighted the importance of conserving water.


The importance of saving water lies in small actions


Water is a vital and fundamental resource for human life and all living beings on the planet. However, despite its importance, we often don't value it properly and don't take care of this precious resource. Therefore, it is essential that each of us adopts sustainable practices and strives to save water, especially in small daily gestures.

This joint action between Lionesa BH and Atlantic Car Wash is an example of how small gestures can make a difference. Waterless car washing is a sustainable practice that helps to save water, as this technique uses effective and biodegradable products that do not require large amounts of water to ensure efficient vehicle cleaning.