27.05.2024 - 10:18AM

Free Sports and Well-being Activities Return for Employees of Lionesa Business Hub

With summer just around the corner, the Business Club sports activities are back at Lionesa Business Hub! These activities, exclusive to the business hub's community, aim to promote physical activity and the well-being of employees from companies located at the hub's campus.

Sponsored by Lionesa Business Hub, the Surf lessons at Matosinhos Beach and the Pilates sessions in the campus gardens are making a comeback. These activities not only promote physical and mental health but also strengthen bonds among professionals, fostering a more positive and collaborative work environment. These initiatives further underscore the Lionesa Business Hub's commitment to creating a workplace where happiness and well-being are promoted.  

Surf and Pilates activities kick off on June 1st and 5th, respectively, repeating every Saturday at 9:45 am and every Wednesday at 6:15 pm. Surfing takes place at the Onda Pura surf school on Matosinhos Beach, while Pilates sessions are held in the gardens of the Lionesa Business Hub, near the Leça River in partnership with OMAcademy.

Registrations are open on the exclusive app for this community: the HelloApp.