23.10.2023 - 9:00AM

Realizing Potential in ESG – Lionesa BH’s as an inspiration

On the past Thursday, October 19th, Eduarda Pinto, the CEO of Lionesa BH, was a guest speaker at an event dedicated to the importance of ESG practices in the corporate world: "Realizing Potential in ESG," promoted by CBRE.

Eduarda Pinto joined a panel of experts from various industries who shared significant insights into Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices. Among the participants were figures like Duarte Cardoso Ferreira, Head of Strategic Advisory CBRE; Andrea Violas Ferreira, COO Violas Ferreira; Miguel Paiva Couceiro, Real Estate Development Fidelidade Property; and Daniel Freitas, Porto Ambiente (CMP). Eduarda Pinto emphasized the work that Lionesa Business Hub has been doing to make sustainability an integral part of our organization, along with the plans related to these practices.

She also underscored the commitment to social sustainability, in line with Lionesa BH's mission of building a happier corporate world, and highlighted the collaborative project with other companies in Via Norte to improve mobility in our territory.

Looking to the future, it becomes evident that events like this play a crucial role in driving the discussion about the importance of ESG practices in the corporate world. Only in conjunction with other businesses and cities can we create a promising vision of a corporate world that not only recognizes the significance of ESG but actively unlocks its potential for a brighter and more sustainable future.