22.03.2022 - 5:23PM

Porto Application Center by Volkswagen FS, settles in Lionesa BH

Occupying an area of 1,100 square meters, Porto Application Center (PAC), a subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services, has been installed, this month, in Lionesa Business Hub.

This center will be responsible for a large part of the brand's technological production for all of Europe, namely in financial services technology for the end consumer. With the perspective of a team with 130 professionals by the end of 2023, the office was conceived with modern spaces, attentive to the needs of employees, fully equipped with new technologies and with a strong focus on interior design to strengthen the motivation, productivity, and satisfaction of the teams.

One more company that chooses Lionesa Business Hub to become its new home for being close to great universities, good transportation network and integration in a community, both at business and cultural level, sustainable and, above all, happiness.