22.07.2022 - 6:00AM

Opinion - Cybersecurity in a post-pandemic world

active sys

Author: Inês Miranda


The Pandemic accelerated the process of business digitalisation, changed work routines, creating challenges in the security of data communication networks. This translated into a lack of preparation and, consequently, a lack of security, made virtual attacks, one of the biggest risk factors for companies, this because not all organisations were prepared for this technological leap, so adaptation had to be quick, and that exposed all the vulnerabilities.

In fact, since the start of the Pandemic, cyber attacks have increased, with Portuguese organisations being attacked an average of 881 times a week in 2021, an 81% increase on 2020.

If before, technology was already seen as a crucial element for the development of any organisation, nowadays, digitalisation is considered the maximum essential for a business to survive.

2022 has also proven to be a critical year in the field of cyber-attacks, with recognised entities from various sectors suffering major cyber-attacks. Thus, it is important to make companies aware of the dangers inherent in cybersecurity.

The cybersecurity area will be one of the priority fields in terms of investment in 2022, and is one of the areas in which ActiveSys is working with clients to carry out all the necessary control in this regard, with the aim of protecting their organisation against cyber-attacks.

There are different types of cyber attacks, the most common being ransomware, the most popular form of malware. In 2021, the most relevant cyber attacks were scams, phishing, smishing, CEO Fraud and disclosure of private data and photos.

These attacks on organisational environments can render companies inoperable, destroy the trust that customers and suppliers have in the company, which can result in incalculable monetary losses, and reputational damage that can be irreversible, since the data of customers, partners, suppliers and employees is compromised.

In fact, there are no 100% effective solutions to protect an organisation. However, the essential thing is always prevention.

ActiveSys is the ideal partner in this situations, as it is a Portuguese entity, founded in 2017, which essentially acts as a services and specialised technological consultancy company dedicated to the design, conception and implementation of technological solutions with specialised services for the integration of information systems, protection and management of information, data centre and disaster recovery, unified communications, security and networking. It also provides managed services and maintenance of solutions at the clients' premises with support services and remote monitoring of information systems on a 24x7 basis.

In short, the digital transformation that we were already witnessing at a gradual pace has been accelerated by the emergence of the pandemic, bringing with it a set of new challenges and opportunities. It is up to technology consultancies and their IT experts to leverage opportunities and respond effectively to technological challenges, making digital transformation and media security cohabitable.

Cybercrime is real and the risk of cyberattacks is permanent! Count on ActiveSys to protect yourself.