28.05.2021 - 4:42PM


It was on the 11th of November 2020 that, for another year, the Lionesa Business Hub carried out a new initiative that greatly excites the business community and its employees - the celebration of St. Martin's Day, or Magusto.


Despite the conditions, hundreds of those who, in an innovative drive-thru format, went to Lionesa to receive their roasted chestnuts free of charge.


It was thus demonstrated that, in the Lionesa community, the impossible is just a word present in the dictionary, something that illustrates and proves the entrepreneurial spirit, battle and sacrifice that all companies based here have in their DNA.


So, with this dynamic, now, in 2021, the question that everyone is asking is:

Will tradition give way to a new Magusto in Lionesa?


We are #Lionesa, the Innovation and Happiness Hub.