11.07.2022 - 8:38AM

Lionesa Business Hub brings “Happiness at Work” to QSP Summit 2022

Lionesa Business Hub was present in the edition of QSP Summit 2022 under the motto of Happiness.

On June 30th, Lionesa BH promoted a talk on Happiness at Work and how organizational happiness can be a competitive advantage - "Happiness at Work - The Ultimate Competitive Advantage". The talk was lead by Alexander Kjerulf, Founder and Chief Happiness Officer of Woohoo Inc, as speaker and Madalena Carey, Director of Happiness Business School as host.

For one hour, 650 people joined together for a true happy session and learned some key points to better foster happiness in their company, especially in a post-pandemic era.

Here are some of the most relevant points to consider from the session:

  • Organizational happiness always comes down to relationships and communication;
  • We can only be happy in a company which offers a purpose (which isn´t profit oriented);
  • The Portuguese labour market is still very hierarchical, as a consequence of it being the last country in the EU, coming out from a dictatorship.
  • Generation Z is less resilient towards job complications, leading to higher turnover rates.
  • 89% of Portuguese residents feels anxious every week, as a consequence of job related conflicts. 


In parallel, during the QSP Summit edition, we were present with a happiness stand. We have promoted Business Club initiatives, such as World Sweet Treats and Happiness Smoothies offer, we welcomed the visit of a humanoid robot that will be present in our central corridor and, finally, we invited Summit participants to answer a Happiness Quiz, offering a Happiness Manager certification by Happiness Business School to one of the participants.

We promote Happiness throughout the Summit and hope to contribute a Happier world!