13.10.2022 - 4:08PM

Lionesa Business Hub hosts HappinessCamp 2022

On its first edition, HappinessCamp 2022 is already Europe's leading corporate happiness conference. 


Organized by Lionesa Business Hub, in partnership with Happiness Business School, HappinessCamp 2022 took place on September 29th and addressed different vectors of organizational happiness, from its scientific components, to the academic and corporative ones. 


We dedicated more than 6 hours to happiness, together with 2000 passionate attendees, 15 speakers of excellence, and more than 20 national and international partners. 



HappinessCamp 2022 was more than a corporate event. Its informal nature allowed not only to contribute to the training in the field of happiness, but also to work on interpersonal relationships between teams and their personal happiness with an agenda fully dedicated to team building activities.




Together we reinvented corporate happiness and, together, we committed ourselves to work on happiness daily, both in our personal and professional lives. 


To get to know the event better and follow information for the next editions, visit HappinessCamp 2022 official website at www.happinesscamp.pt