31.05.2022 - 4:29PM

Lionesa Business Hub launches a new branding

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, Lionesa Business Hub has launched a new visual identity, a bolder and more dynamic branding that reflects the energy, innovation, creativity and happiness that you can feel every single day at our campus. But, what is the story behind the new branding? Lionesa´s Marketing Director, António Pedro Pinto, tells us everything.


What was the need for a re-branding?

In 2017, we announced our masterplan, which aimed to double our area, in a project to expand southwards. Since then, we have grown from a community of 4000 members to 7000. From 35 nationalities to 46. And, today, we have 56000 square metres in our campus.

With such growth, we felt a need for a change. We are currently developing projects to make our space more community-focused, sustainable, technological and user-friendly.

This constant evolution also led us to feel the need for a new visual identity, a re-branding, that reflected our innovation and dynamism.

The choice of a partner seemed obvious. We wanted to work with someone bold, irreverent, just like us, and with a strong connection to the young talent. So, we chose Studio Eduardo Aires.


In what way does the new identity reflect Lionesa Business Hub´s way of being?

The new identity reflects our way of being through two visual components: the typography and the use of a cocoon in the place of the “O”.

Part of the process of creating our new identity was the creation of a new typography. The way this new typography was created for Lionesa Business Hub, allows us to communicate part of our DNA. Its simplicity, the bold letters, all reflect our younger, irreverent and innovative way of being.

On the other hand, the cocoon reflects our most historical side. The present heritage of Lionesa BH’s past, as a silk factory. But it also represents our home, the home of our community, of our companies, as a cocoon that generates ideas, thoughts and concepts.

The fact that the “O” changes its shape, in an organic and metamorphic way, also passes on the message that the cocoon, just like us, is in constant evolution and growth.


What was the inspiration behind the new identity colours?

The chromatic palette derives from the Mural by João Machado, painted at the main entrance of Lionesa Business Hub, which is now part of the material heritage and identity of the project.

Red, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Blue and Green, present in the Mural and in the new re-branding, reflect the energy, the pulse of new ideas, the creativity and productivity that are felt in the daily life of our campus.

Through this inspiration in the Mural, we maintained the connection to the past with an eye into the future.