24.05.2023 - 2:39PM

Lionesa Business Hub wins National Sustainability Award by Jornal de Negócios

Lionesa Business Hub was awarded by Jornal de Negócios as the most sustainable company in Portugal in the category of Human and Social Sustainability, in addition to receiving recognition in the category of health and well-being for micro, small and medium enterprises. The award highlights the commitment to creating a happy and inclusive environment for the community through the Lionesa Happiness Pyramid.

The award had an experienced jury team, including renowned professionals such as Cláudio Vicente, HR Director of IKEA, Marisia Girgi, HR Director of Pingo Doce, Adalberto Campos Fernandes, professor at Nova ENSP, Ana Rita Martins, Architect, Senior Associate Sustainability Woodalls and Sandra Maximiano, professor at ISEG.

The Jornal de Negócios National Sustainability Award is a long-term project aligned with the United Nations Sustainability Goals, which seeks to recognise, inspire, promote, and publicise the work and performance of companies committed to environmental, social and financial sustainability (ESG).


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The LBH, through the Lionesa Happiness Pyramid, has the mission of creating a happier working environment and making the most pleasant place to work in the North of Portugal. The happiness model involves wellbeing initiatives, mental health promotion and inclusion, aiming to build a more inclusive and prosperous Lionesa’s community.

This recognition reinforces LBH's commitment to continue its work towards global sustainability, focusing on creating a happier and more inclusive environment for the community. The company seeks to go beyond business itself by promoting a culture that values employee wellbeing and social responsibility.

LBH remains committed to reducing its carbon footprint, adopting ethical business practices and supporting social projects, and the importance of protecting the environment, contributing to the community and promoting sustainability in all its actions is recognised.