27.06.2022 - 9:54AM

Lionesa BH welcomed “Linking Great Partners”, an event from FEUP.

On June 15th, Lionesa Business Hub hosted the event Linking Great Partners, the stage where 250 students from different courses of the Faculdade de Engenharia (FEUP), namely from the Masters in Informatics and Computing Engineering (M.EIC), the Masters in Software Engineering (MESW), the Masters in Multimedia (MM) and the Masters in Service Engineering and Management (MESG), and also involving 5 students from the Degree in Communication Design (LDC), of the Faculdade de Belas Arte (FBAUP) of the U.Porto. In this event, students had the opportunity to present the work they had been developing throughout the semester to respond to real problems identified by partner organizations and to problems identified in the market, creating an entrepreneurial project from scratch.

The event took place all day long at the central corridor of Lionesa Business Hub, with a dynamic talent fair, pitch presentations of the 24 innovation projects, talks on relevant topics and networking moments between the students and the companies involved in the project, as well as the companies present at Lionesa Business Hub.

This year, the edition was called "The Unboxing Edition" because it is the first to be held outside the walls of the Academy, to strengthen the connection between the University of Porto and companies, which is in line with the work that Lionesa Business Hub has been developing with several academic institutions to improve the attraction and retention of talent.