14.07.2022 - 3:10PM

Lionesa Business Hub becomes Impact Accelerator for 42Porto


Since the beginning of the implementation of 42 School in Porto, Lionesa Business Hub signed a partnership protocol as Impact Accelerator, in order to facilitate the integration of 42Porto in the city and with its companies and official entities.

This partnership arises from an alignment of the vision of what Lionesa Business Hub considers to be the future of education and, therefore, intends to promote and assist education models such as the one at 42 in the Northern region of Portugal to contribute, specially, to attract and retain talent.

42 School is an international programming school, founded in France, whose model is based on 3 major measures:

Philanthropic nature - students pay no tuition or fees, and the school is funded by patronage;
Inclusive nature - anyone can attend the school, with no restriction on background or previous training;
Pedagogical innovation - the teaching method is based on a peer-to-peer format, with no teachers, no fixed timetables and no classes in the traditional format, which allows to also develop skills like team spirit and group work.

42Porto thus presented itself as an ideal partner for the continuing education of theLionesa community, which has several members related to the area of programming, but above all, a considerable improvement for teaching in Northern Portugal.

For more information: https://www.42porto.com/