16.06.2023 - 4:24PM

Lionesa BH promotes blood donation event in partnership with IPST

On 13 June, Lionesa Business Hub promoted a special event, entitled "Your Someone's Type", with the objective of encouraging blood donation and helping to save lives. In partnership with the Portuguese Blood and Transplantation Institute (IPST), the LBH community and SuperBock Group employees were invited to participate.

Blood donation is an act of generosity and solidarity that can have a significant impact on the lives of many people. Surprisingly, a single blood donation can benefit up to four people in need.

Throughout the day, participants had the opportunity to attend a specially designated space for blood donation, where highly qualified medical teams from IPST ensured a safe and comfortable process.

The response to the blood donation campaign at LBH was extremely positive. Over 114 people participated in the event, and 80 of them were able to successfully donate. These donations have the potential to benefit up to 320 people in need.

It is encouraging to see the Lionesa Business Hub community and SuperBock Group employees united for this noble cause. Through this initiative, they have demonstrated their commitment to helping others and contributing to the welfare of society. Blood donation is truly a life-saving gesture that deserves to be recognized and encouraged.