7.02.2024 - 5:28PM

Lionesa BH Hosts Successful Blood Donation in Collaboration with IPST

On February 6, Lionesa Business Hub once again organized a remarkable edition of the well-known event titled "Your Someone's Type", aimed at promoting blood donation and making a difference in saving lives.

In partnership with the Portuguese Blood and Transplantation Institute (IPST) and Espaço Saúde Lionesa, both the LBH community and employees from SuperBock Group were warmly invited to participate.

Blood donation stands as a remarkable act of generosity and solidarity, carrying the potential to significantly impact the lives of numerous individuals. Remarkably, a single blood donation can extend its benefits to as many as four people in dire need.

Throughout the day, participants were provided with a dedicated space for blood donation, where highly skilled medical teams from IPST ensured a secure and comfortable process.

The response to the blood donation campaign at LBH surpassed expectations, with a remarkable turnout of 166 participants, out of which 109 were able to successfully donate. This collective effort holds the potential to positively impact up to 436 individuals in need.

Witnessing the enthusiastic engagement of the Lionesa Business Hub community and SuperBock Group employees in this noble cause is truly heartening. Through their active participation, they have exemplified their dedication to serving others and enhancing societal well-being. Undoubtedly, blood donation stands as a life-saving gesture deserving of recognition and ongoing encouragement.