21.12.2023 - 5:34PM

Lionesa BH Concludes 2023 Consolidating its Position as a Business Hub of Reference

At the close of this year, Lionesa Business Hub celebrates the consolidation of its position as a business hub of reference, where innovation, collaboration, community, creativity, and sustainability merge for corporate happiness.

Expansion and Business Welcome:

The southward expansion of Lionesa BH, allocating a quarter of its office space to innovative businesses, demonstrates not only physical growth but also a growing appeal for innovative ventures. The addition of six new companies significantly enriched the business landscape of Lionesa Business Hub, fostering a diverse and collaborative ecosystem.

Innovations for Well-being and Productivity:

Throughout 2023, Lionesa Business Hub continues to innovate, with investments transcending physical structures, highlighting the New Central Corridor as an inspiring and functional focal point designed to be a home for its community. This new layout now encompasses new areas such as The Living Room, The Kitchen, The Study, The Museums... With the reopening of the Bakery, now operated by GARFA, another welcoming space is created for relaxing breaks and informal gatherings. Handcrafted with superior quality and delightful taste, its products stand out. To further impact the happiness of our community's workforce, Lionesa Business Hub promotes the Happiness Manager course, available to all companies, reinforcing its unique commitment to the well-being and happiness of its community.

Sustainable Commitment in Focus:

Similar to previous years, environmental social responsibility was a priority throughout the year, culminating in the collection of over €5500 for ANP|WWF. This initiative reflects Lionesa Business Hub's commitment to contributing to a greener and more sustainable planet.

Community Strengthening and Personal Connections:

Over 30 events were held throughout the year, estimated to have brought together more than 6500 community members, strengthening bonds and fostering inter-business collaboration. According to the case study conducted with the University Lusófona, 91.9% of members take pride in Lionesa BH, while 96% recommend it as a workplace, among many other statistics attesting to the investment in human resources and their well-being.

Final Reflection and Future Projection:

Robust data and substantial achievements confirm that Lionesa BH is on the right path to achieve its mission of building a happier corporate world. As it concludes the chapter of 2023, Lionesa BH looks to the future with renewed enthusiasm, committing to continue being a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and well-being in 2024.

Lionesa BH expresses gratitude to all partners, collaborators, and community members for contributing to the success of this remarkable year, reaffirming its commitment to shaping an inspiring and humane future of work.