21.03.2024 - 10:36AM

Lionesa BH, Comboios de Portugal and Happiness Camp together for happiness

Lionesa Business Hub, alongside Happiness Camp, in collaboration with CP - Comboios de Portugal, launched a campaign on March 20th to mark the International Day of Happiness, to raise awareness about the significant risks associated with mental health.

This collaboration is driven by the determination to impact the lives of thousands of people who commute by train every day, whether on their way to work, returning home, or even while on vacation. With this in mind, Lionesa BH surprises passengers on a CP Comboios de Portugal train and, in an unprecedented production, immortalizes their smiles, demonstrating their contagious nature.

Inspired by Coca-Cola's 2015 social experiment and mindful of the increasing need to raise awareness about the risks of mental health disorders, driven by statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), Lionesa Business Hub and Happiness Camp will donate €0.50 for each share of the video through Lionesa Business Hub's Instagram and LinkedIn to the Terra dos Sonhos Association. This commitment aims to actively contribute to this cause, with promoters estimating to assist the association with a total of €5000. Additionally, Lionesa BH aims to extend this charitable initiative by challenging other entities to join this cause, which aims to support the Association's project, the Dream Workshop.

Promoters advocate for ongoing efforts towards happiness and well-being. This campaign, reflecting the conduct of the entities involved, conveys a message of joy and empathy that can be appreciated by all through the social media channels of Lionesa Business Hub and CP Comboios de Portugal, as well as for three months on the screens of the Alfa Pendular's internal television service.