22.12.2022 - 9:48AM

GASPORTO appoints Lionesa BH as “Padrinho de Papas” in 2023

Lionesa Business Hub enters the year 2023 as the first official “Padrinho de Papas” of the year by GASPORTO:

"It is with great joy and hope that GASPORTO presents Lionesa Business Hub as our “Padrinho de Papas” of the year 2023. With this solidary gesture, Lionesa BH will guarantee the porridge of all the undernourished babies of Pfuka U Famba, in the village of Macia in Mozambique, throughout the year.

This porridge is made with local food that the families grow in their homes, and that they normally do not use for feeding the baby, but with the support of GASPORTO's professionals, they learn to prepare it in the healthiest way for the baby, ensuring the sustainability of their homes.

Our many thanks to all the participants of the Christmas event who, by purchasing a reusable cup, have made it possible to feed the lives of around 100 undernourished babies."

With the solidarity support provided at Lionesa BH's Christmas party, Lionesa É Forte - Xmas Edition, Lionesa BH and its community were able to raise over 2500€ to help nourish undernourished babies at the Pfuka U Famba centre in the village of Macia in Mozambique.

We are very proud with this nomination and for helping to make a difference!