28.05.2021 - 4:05PM

Open Roads To Lionesa

If the access by car to the Lionesa Business Hub was already diverse and also practical for those who visit us, it is even more now.

A4, A3, A28, VRI, VCI and Via Norte.

These are the roads that connect the various regions of Greater Porto and that connect a Lionês to our space and to our community. However with a new great novelty …

Not only wil they become faster roads to cross, but more accessible too.

By the initiative of a work group, including the Municipality of Porto and Matosinhos representatives, there will be an estimated traffic reduction in VCI of more than 2.000 heavy vehicles per day, plus several reductions in the cost of tolls and the elimination of other existing gateways.

For faster, dynamic and user-friendly roads.


More info here