14.03.2024 - 3:01PM

Empowerment in Unity: Celebrating Freedom and Women's Day

On March 7th, in Lionesa Business Hub's central corridor, the Lionese community gathered to celebrate women's empowerment and freedom of expression. 

This year, the business hub honored women's strengths and achievements through art and culture. In partnership with Livraria Lello and available to the entire Lionese community "Freedom to Be Her" was born. 

Through a quiz, participants discovered which of the female personalities they most identify with and had the opportunity to take home a literary work by authors such as Jane Austen, Beatrix Potter, and Virginia Woolf, who have inspired generations of women to embrace their identity and their voice. 

To raise awareness in the community of what remains to be achieved for gender equality and with a view to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), inside the books were bookmarks with facts about the gender inequalities still present in today's society. 

An artistic exhibition dedicated to women was also installed, "Women of Lionesa", with photographs of women who work at Lionesa BH in a wide range of services and companies. This initiative aims to promote gender equality in a corporate environment by valuing women and their individuality, as well as publicizing their key role in the success of Lionesa BH. 

By celebrating International Women's Day, Lionesa BH invites everyone to reflect on the progress made and to be part of the change that is still needed.  

The hub, driven by principles of social inclusion and gender equality, is proud of its 45% female community, recognizing its place in the world of technology and leadership roles. It is also committed to creating a work environment where every woman feels empowered, honoring her authenticity and femininity.