21.02.2024 - 11:22AM

Dare2Love at Lionesa Business Hub

Love was in the air, and on Valentine's Day, Lionesa BH unveiled an unforgettable initiative that captured the hearts of our community. "Dare2Love" took center stage, inviting participants to embark on a journey of heartfelt expression and sweet surprises.
Our Lioneses embraced the challenge with enthusiasm, selecting love letters where they could find different challenges. Whether through poetic declamations or melodious love songs, each heartfelt moment was captured by our innovative Love Bot, preserving the magic for eternity.
As participants poured their hearts out, they were rewarded with sweet surprises. Romantic roses, delectable chocolates, classic love books from Livraria Lello, red fruit sangria bottles from Casal Garcia, and memorable experiences for two at Cockburn's and Renaissance Porto Lapa, awaited those who dared to express their deepest emotions, adding an extra touch of sweetness to their Valentine's Day celebrations.
From hopeless romantics to those simply spreading love and joy, Lionesa community came together to celebrate love in all its forms.