26.06.2023 - 4:31PM

From university to the world of work: The importance of relationships to attract and retain talent

On 5 June 2023, the event "Lusófona on Business", promoted by the Faculty of Economic, Social and Business Sciences of Lusófona University, provided a unique opportunity to explore the relevance of relationships between universities and companies in the context of attracting and retaining talent. One of the keynote speakers was Pedro Pinto, CEO of Lionesa Group, who shared valuable perspectives on this crucial topic.

During his participation, Pedro Pinto emphasized the need to transform Portugal into a desirable place for talent, highlighting culture as an agent in the role of increasing happiness and productivity in the work environment. To promote access to culture, Pedro Pinto stressed the importance of establishing agreements to ensure that talent has access to cultural spaces, thus fostering personal and professional development.
"We have to make Portugal a place of desire. Culture generates happiness and productivity. It is possible to offer cheques for access to culture, to prescribe books as medicine, to make agreements so that talent has access to cultural spaces." he underlines.

Universities and companies: a commitment to the future

The need to create a work environment that goes beyond technical skills and considers the well-being and personal growth of professionals is crucial. By establishing a close relationship between universities and companies, it is possible to create opportunities for young talent to find an enriching and inspiring work environment.

Events such as "Lusófona on Business" play an important role in inter-institutional collaboration and in building a bridge between academia and the business community, creating a space for dialogue, the exchange of ideas and the identification of effective strategies to develop and retain talent in Portugal.

Only by establishing solid partnerships between universities and companies can the path "from university to the world of work" become an enriching and rewarding one for all.