5.04.2023 - 3:11PM

Celebrating ActiveSys' 6th Anniversary: an interview with Inês Miranda

Lionesa Business Hub is excited to celebrate the 6th anniversary of its flagship tech company, ActiveSys. To commemorate this milestone, we talked with Inês Miranda, the Communication and Marketing Manager at ActiveSys, to discuss her experiences over the past three years and her thoughts on the company's achievements.


Lionesa Business Hub (LBH): What is your proudest moment in the 6 years since ActiveSys started?

Inês Miranda (IM): The greatest pride of this company is the sustained growth that has been presented, quite positive considering the age of ActiveSys!


LBH: Tell us about one of your favorite “firsts” at ActiveSys!

IM: The first time I held an event with clients. It was gratifying to see my work recognized, internally and externally.


LBH: What is one major challenge ActiveSys faced in these 6 years?

IM: Essentially, the lack of resources for IT. A problem that all companies in the sector are facing.


LBH: What is a fun, memorable moment you´ve had at ActiveSys?

IM: Whenever there are company gatherings, such as kick-offs and even the after-work moments provided by Lionesa are memorable and fun moments, which were recorded with affection.


LBH: Where do you see ActiveSys going in the next 5 years?

IM: I foresee ActiveSys continuing to grow, to invest in disruptive solutions, to be different in the content it offers and to expand internationally, with an even greater number of resources.


LBH: Describe ActiveSys in one sentence.

IM: An outstanding Technology Consultant, where team spirit and customer orientation prevail.


LBH: How does ActiveSys stand out from other organizations?

IM: ActiveSys differentiates itself by the treatment it has with clients, anticipating their needs, and offering disruptive solutions. Furthermore, the partnerships it has are differentiating and market leaders, improving the quality of the services offered. Still, the team environment, companionship, and joy help to achieve the common goals of the company.