11.11.2021 - 4:45PM

Beat Lunch

The event “Beat Lunch” was the culmination of two events that took place at Lionesa Business Hub, in Matosinhos in the past months: Live Acts and World Sweet Treats.

Last Monday, November 8th, 2021, the community members enjoyed an original German sweet, Kirschtorte, produced by The Pastry Labe to the sound of music by André Montenegro, DJ Fi.

To mark the end of these events, we’ve welcomed the portuguese media, RTP, which came to make a report on the dynamics of Lionesa to turn Lionesa Business Hub into a centre of happiness. The Executive Director of Lionesa Business Hub, Eduarda Pinto, and representatives of two companies present in Lionesa, ActiveSys and RH+, gave their testimonials to give a perspective of how the community members feel in this place, which is more than a work space, but a space for life and happiness.


Beat Lunch Lionesa