28.06.2024 - 11:47AM

Arraial de São João: A True Celebration of Culture and Community

With plenty of excitement in the air, the aroma of grilled sardines, and thousands from the Lionesa community dancing, Arraial de São João at the Lionesa Business Hub was an event to remember.

On June 20th, Lionesa BH gathered its community for another edition of the largest corporate party in Portugal, with the aim of celebrating together one of the most traditional dates in the North of Portugal: São João. Throughout six hours of entertainment, the atmosphere was filled with laughter, joy, and a genuine sense of community, reflecting LBH’s mission to promote corporate happiness and foster relationships and synergies among the Lionesa members.

The party was marked by lots of fun on the dance floor with DJs Diogo Fonseca and Ricardo Reis, accompanied by MC Landu, and the main highlight of the night: a performance by the remarkable and unparalleled Quim Barreiros, the ultimate symbol of Portuguese popular music, a national cultural treasure, and an ambassador of the North of the country worldwide.

Fun games and activities, traditional gastronomic snacks, and delicious drinks were freely promoted in collaboration with Lionesa BH’s partners, Super Bock Group, Delta, Paladin, Amarguinha, The Fox Tale, Cockburn’s, Casal Garcia, Mandriola de Lisboa, World’s Best Fish, Zurich completing what was a memorable celebration for all Lioneses.

At Arraial de São João, the Lionesa community managed to donate a total of €3,300 to It Gets Better Portugal through the purchase of reusable cups.

It was undoubtedly more than just a party; it was a celebration of the community and talent that characterises Lionesa BH.

Watch the event after movie down below, and the photo album by clicking here!